Rozina Kifle



Rozina  Kifle, born and raised in Ethiopia, a country in Eastern Africa. As a  child, Rozina observed her mother taking care of her parents and her other elder relatives. Eventually, her mother trained her sister and Rozina to work along side her ensuring the best care and quality time was poured into her grandparents and other elderly relatives in their remaining years. From a young age, Rozina always love to spend time with her grandparents, aunts and  uncles. Growing up in a family that is oriented in nurturing and  focusing on high standards for elderly care forever gave Rozina a joy  and passion for this generation that she cannot describe. 

Once Rozina  moved to America, she worked her way through college at Jenson and Jenson while studying for her degree at San Jose State University. Later, she became a Product Quality Engineer with Abbott Laboratories working on Diabetics devices for over 11  years. Even though, Rozina loved what she was doing in her profession, through much prayer and God’s timing, realized that her deepest calling  was nurturing seniors in their latter years. The  passion Rozina has for the elderly community has always been close to her heart, driving her to visit regularly in Assisted Senior Homes, Nursing Homes and Hospital visits. After each visit, she is more  compelled to seek even more time to get involved with  this special generation. 

“The  joy always shakes my heart after each visit. I find myself ecstatic and  joyful when I am with older people especially the ones who need  assistance.” –Rozina  Kifle

 Rozina is  gratefully for all the love and support from her husband and 3 children as she continues to pursue her calling and passion to serve our older generation, focusing to ensure they have  a loving and joyful environment as they live out their remaining years in peace surrounded by a team of people who love and respect their elders.


Stacy Yonas

Assisted Living Manager


For over 20 years Stacy has  worked together with her husband in youth ministry, with the key focus  of developing young leaders to live on purpose in the calling God has  designed for their life. During that  time, Stacy  also worked for over 8 years in property management to help clients  find the perfect home, while ensuring they are provided with the quality  of lifestyle and activities that best fits their needs. For over 6  years now, Stacy has been serving the Lord as a  children’s pastor and finds great joy empowering these young world  changers. 

Developing leaders to serve the  Lord at a young age is a core foundation to a positive future. With  this, Stacy designed a program called, Junior Leaders, where preteens  and teens would enter into a discipleship  program  to serve within the church, learn about  leadership skills and develop  their own outreaches.  A  regular outreach that she has taken some of  her Junior Leaders on has been visiting nursing homes with Animal  Assisted Activities.  With Stacy’s own grandmother who lived in a private assisted living home for her  remaining years, she knows first hand the importance and concern families have for their loved one’s personalized care. Placing the highest level of thoughtfulness to ensuring their loved one is with a  team of people who find joy in what they do, Stacy is excited to be  apart of a Dream Team such as this.